Coffee recipe: latte caramel coffee

If like me you like creme brulee desserts, I can guarantee you that you like this recipe. It’s easy: You have to prepare a coffee latte and sprinkle it with brown sugar before caramelizing with a torch. You will get a café latte with a layer of caramel on the surface that will give, by mixing, caramelized aromas to your coffee.

Ingredients and material:


  • Coffee
  • Whole milk
  • Brown sugar


  • Coffee machine with a steam nozzle (or failing to have a steam nozzle, use an electric milk frother).
  • Kitchen torch or lack a DIY torch.
  • Coffee cup latte (prefer a rather large cup), spoon.

The recipe :

  • Prepare a coffee latte as usual:
    • Roll out your espresso and froth the milk.
    • Gently add the frothed milk to your espresso.
  • Sprinkle the coffee latte with brown sugar. Be careful not to put too much because otherwise the taste of caramel will crush the coffee. The idea is to cover with a thin layer of sugar the froth of milk overlooking your coffee.
  • Light your torch and caramelize the brown sugar as if it were a creme brulee.

During the tasting, I break the caramel with a spoon. This operation allows me to catch both coffee, milk froth and caramel. Together, it feels like eating a cake.

Another peculiarity, a little caramel will melt and add aromas to your coffee. This mixture is a delight.

This recipe is still calorific, be careful not to overdo it :). I do not know if this preparation tastes good with vegetable milk, I have never tried. If you do, feel free to comment, readers and I would be interested.

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