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Coffee recipe: The coffee recipe with egg

I found a recipe for a really unusual coffee that had a lot of positive feedback. If like me, you have some culinary curiosity, I think you’ll want to try.

Normally, this coffee is prepared in Vietnam using a phin: a stainless steel accessory consisting of three parts: a kind of filter, a container and a lid. This recipe therefore requires a gentle and slow extraction method.

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How to use a Moka pot ?

Moka pot are created at a time when espresso machines were very expensive. They allowed the general public to access, at home, coffee close to espresso. It is actually possible with espresso maker moka pot to have a mousse very close to the cream of an espresso. To get there, you have to use some coffees and have some technique.

Let’s see how to make a coffee with an Italian espresso maker moka pot.

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Roaster coffee VS supermarket coffee

Making good coffees is expensive. You may have had to ask yourself, too, “Why buy coffee beans from a coffee roaster while there are some in supermarkets?” This is a question I will try to answer in my article.

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The Kopi Luwak: its history, its rarity and its lack of ethics

Produced in Indonesia, the Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive and rarest cafes in the world. The origin of its rarity comes from the fact that in this part of the world, the fruits of coffee are eaten by a small mammal: the Asian civet. The Civet digests only the pulp of the fruit leaving the coffee bean intact. The coffee beans ferment in the belly of the animal. The acids and enzymes of the stomach act to ultimately produce a particular beverage. This one is described as smooth, chocolate and devoid of any bitter aftertaste.

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Measure and understand the pressure on a Pavoni

Controlling and understanding the water pressure in your coffee machine is important in order to successfully extract it. This parameter is completely controlled on automatic machines while it is less on a manual machine such as the Pavoni. Some knowledge can help to better understand and better control the water pressure when using the Pavoni machines. In my article, I will especially talk about the pressure exerted on the piston when you press the lever.