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TIMEMORE CHESTNUT X coffee grinder review

Recently, I bought a new coffee grinder: the Timemore Chestnut X. The latter was designed by a Chinese company which is not at its first attempt. Indeed, Timemore has created in recent years a whole range of coffee grinders (Chestnut X, Chestnut G1, Chestnut Slim, Chestnut C / C2 and Chestnut NANO). Their latest addition, the Model X, is the brand’s most upscale mill. What is it worth? We will see him. It presents several interesting innovations.

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ANKOMN measuring spoon test

In the world of coffee, precision is essential to obtain a good drink. It is in this sense, that I regularly indicate on my blog that you have to weigh your coffee. This precision, important for an espresso coffee, is less important for other extractions (type V60 for example). In this sense, the company ANKOMN sent me a measuring spoon to test. It is the same company that manufactures the vacuum boxes that I had already presented on my site. What is the precision of a measuring spoon worth? This is what we will discover immediately.

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Problem with the Lelit 57mm filter basket

I have been using a LELIT espresso machine for over a year to make my beloved coffee. This machine is interesting for several reasons which have already been mentioned in an article published on this site. I wouldn’t go back. Today I will focus exclusively on the LELIT filter supplied with the machine and the problem it poses due to its design.

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Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder Review

For a long time, I wanted to test the El Comandante C40 MKIII coffee grinder. In truth, I had already spotted it during my research to acquire my first high-end coffee grinder but I could not buy it because at the time I lived in Canada, the C40 was not available in this country.

This coffee grinder is presented by many forums as being one of the most reliable on the market. What is it really? To be able to try it, I ended up buying it on Amazon. You will understand, this test was done by passion and in a completely objective way.

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Learn to use a La Pavoni, step by step

Although very busy for several months, I decided to take over my blog on coffee. Today, I offer a detailed tutorial, on all the steps that allow me to make a success of my coffees with a levered La Pavoni.

You should know that the levered La Pavoni are very “sensitive” machines. That is to say that the slightest “mistake” has consequences that are immediately felt in the cup. Therefore, when you start with a La Pavoni, the first coffees are very often missed. But do not be discouraged, with practice, you manage to find your technique and implement your protocol to make all your coffees successful.

Old photo of me extracting coffee with a La Pavoni. I changed the portafilter and filter (I switched to the IMS filters and the same for the shower). I really like the colors we have in this flowing coffee.

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BPlus BZF64 coffee grinder test

A few months ago I participated in a contest organized by BPlus: a company that I have presented several times during my articles. The object of the competition was to create a short video of their Apollo coffee grinder and put it on Youtube. In this way, the most liked video chose the winner. Lucky, I won first prize in the contest: a $ 300 voucher from BPlus.

Since I live in Europe, the director of the company offered to take over an almost new electric coffee grinder. He only used it during the world coffee in Milan: the BZF64 normally sold much more expensive.

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How to use Nespresso reusable capsules ?

As François Etienne explains in his book “Le guide pratique du café”, Nespresso has done good to the world of coffee. This great brand has managed to make (with their varied range of capsule) realize to the general public that coffee does not have a single taste. They paved the way for the concept of “coffee for oneself” and people began to take an interest in the different possibilities that a cup of coffee can offer.

Some of the consumers (including me) who can be categorized as “disappointed with Nespresso” have begun to return to conventional extraction systems with the sole purpose of creating a good coffee. But there was in my case an intermediate step that was to use reusable Nespresso capsules. I relighted my old Nespresso machine to explain step by step how to use it with reusable capsules.

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Test of the empty boxes Ankomn

For some time, I was tired of finding my cakes grinds, because I had not eaten them fast enough. So I started research and then the acquisition of boxes that can be emptied of their air. The idea is simple: by expelling a maximum of oxygen and moisture from the boxes, the food does not oxidize / soften.

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How to use a Moka pot ?

Moka pot are created at a time when espresso machines were very expensive. They allowed the general public to access, at home, coffee close to espresso. It is actually possible with espresso maker moka pot to have a mousse very close to the cream of an espresso. To get there, you have to use some coffees and have some technique.

Let’s see how to make a coffee with an Italian espresso maker moka pot.

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The best of knock box for your espresso machine

In the same vein as my article on scales to weigh his coffee, I made you a selection. Today, I’m going to talk about the “knock box”. These are boxes that allow you to easily eject a cake of coffee grounds and recover it to value it. There are different types of knock box for all budgets. At the end of the article, I will even show you some craft knock box. Thus, if you are handyman you can make one yourself.

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