Coffee producing countries

As if it succeeded old times, the coffee continues to follow the colonial roads of yesteryear. This is explained in part by the selections that were made by the European powers who at that time supported / exploited their own conquered countries. This exploitation was done by importing coffee plants or with endemic plants.

When coffee did not grow naturally in the colonies, their crops were strongly encouraged. As a result, virtually every country in the tropics has become a major coffee producer.

Map of the main producing countries in the world. As you can see, they are all in a kind of tropical band. Not all countries are represented.

I decided to write a series of articles to describe the type of coffee, their qualities for each country or is cultivated this commodity. The series of articles in question has been divided by continents. Sometimes, I quickly describe the political context or give a little historical reminder to better understand in what context the coffee appeared in this or that country or even to understand how an appellation appeared.

In short, after reading this coffee, you should become real experts in choosing your coffees.

Coffee producing countries :  Africa

All the legends and stories about coffee reports that it was discovered in Africa and more specifically in Ethiopia. They are really interesting and I invite you to reveal them.

In Africa are produced several highly reputed coffees. Unfortunately, the political context, the ethnic tensions, the war, the poverty, the culture of this commodity … are in many African countries a brake to the production of the coffee. Click here or on the image above to open the article.

Coffee producing countries : Central America and the Caribbean

It was in Martinique that was planted in 1720, by Captain Gabriel de Clieu, the coffee tree from the royal greenhouse of Louis XIV. This was the first specimen of coffee to have penetrated this hemisphere. Coffee is considered a founding economic activity in the history of Central America because it has played a very important role in political, monetary and social developments. The coffees that are rightly produced there are famous for their bodies as well as their aromas. Click here or on the image above to open the article.

Coffee producing countries : Sud America


Coffee producing countries : South Pacific and South East Asia