The best of knock box for your espresso machine

In the same vein as my article on scales to weigh his coffee, I made you a selection. Today, I’m going to talk about the “knock box”. These are boxes that allow you to easily eject a cake of coffee grounds and recover it to value it. There are different types of knock box for all budgets. At the end of the article, I will even show you some craft knock box. Thus, if you are handyman you can make one yourself.

Plastic knock box

The cheapest knock boxes are plastic and are available in different colors for a price of about $ 20. There are reds, blacks, gray … These are not too big knock boxes, ideal for everyday use in the context of family use. Although plastic they remain strong and stable.

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The shape they present (more open at the front) allows to directly tap the filter holder on the rubber bar without the risk of crushing his fingers. In short, they are ideal knock-box, matte that will accompany your espresso machine for a long time.

Knock box in stainless steel

The choice of stainless steel knock box is a little more diversified than the plastic models. There is something for everyone.

Knock box in stainless steel round shape

The round stainless steel knockboxes are almost the same as the plastic ones presented above. They have the same benefits, probably greater durability, with different sizes and models. I think it’s mostly the aesthetic aspect that will direct you to plastic or stainless. Prices are still acceptable. Personally, I chose this model and I am very happy.

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Knock box in stainless steel square shape

Square stainless knockboxes are a simple container that has the advantage of being able to fit into a table or a wooden box. The purchase of a knock box of this kind is convenient in the case where we have:

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  • A workspace completely dedicated to coffee. You can insert the knock box in the table and hide it.
  • If you are a handyman and you have made a nice wooden box to insert this knock box.

Knock box outdoor wooden square shape

These are nothing more or less than square stainless steel knockboxes that are sold with a wooden case. Often they are more expensive but also large. So if this kind of product interests you, remember to check the dimensions to see if a box of this size fits your work plan.

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Also think that it is not necessarily necessary to have a knock box too big. Because if we are few people to use it, the tray will take time to fill and the coffee grounds will eventually mold.

Knock box “drawers”

The knock box “drawers” are a flat box, equipped with a drawer, on which can rest the coffee machine. When you need to eject a cake of coffee grounds, just pull the drawer. Personally, they are not knock boxes that I will recommend. For several reasons :

  • They are very expensive.
  • They do not have a lot of ventilation and so the humidity is not often renewed. There are therefore ideal conditions for the proliferation of molds.
  • It is not necessarily very nice to have the coffee machine on the knock box.

After if there is not enough space, I can understand the interest of this purchase.

Do it yourself a knock box

Here are some links that will allow you to have ideas and tips to make a knock box yourself.

  • A first knock box idea to make is even (picture below). The author of this fabrication has indicated the procedure to follow on his blog.

  • A second idea, available as a video this time. The author shows all the steps for the manufacture of his knock box.

I hope this article has helped you choose or make this accessory that is still really convenient to eject his coffee cakes. Feel free to comment if you have questions, I will answer with pleasure.

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