The best scales for coffee

Weighing our coffee, whatever the extraction, is important to have a good reproducibility. Some use measuring spoons but when you move into the world of coffee, you end up investing in a small scale.

Personally I recommend a scale that has a forecast of 0.01g. There is something for every budget. Here is my selection:

 I / The best scales for espresso

The first prices: the jeweler’s scales

The cheapest price for coffee is in the $ 10 to $ 20 range. They are small, they are precise set for coffee and are actually jeweler scales. They do not have an integrated timer, you have to press a button to reset them, some will have different units. In short, they are scales and they are amply enough to weigh his coffee.

Scale type I use.:)

I did some research and I selected (in addition to the one I use) some interesting models that are good value for money.

Espresso scales with a timer

Among the scales with a timer, I selected two:

The Hario VST-2000

Hario is a Japanese brand that manufactures V60 coffee extraction systems as well as coffee grinders. They have developed the versatile scale below which, although it has a precision of 0.1g, is completely suitable for extraction made with espresso and V60.

Hario VST-2000 scales

It is a scale that has a good reputation in the coffee industry. You will find it on Amazon at a price of $ 44.

Acaia scales

The company Acaia manufactures the “RollsRoys” coffee scales. These are scales that are absolutely everything.

Mobile application that allows to visualize the profile of the extraction over time.
  • We can connect to an Android or Apple phone / tablet for statistics on extractions.
  • They are waterproof, charge by USB and heat resistant
  • They have a
    • “car tare”
    • “pre-infusion mode”
    • timer
Acaia Lunar

They market different scales here. Depending on the model and the price, more or months of options are available.

II / The scales for V60 extractions

For this type of extraction, much longer than an espresso, it is better to opt for a kitchen scale that has a built-in timer. It is also not necessary to have an accurate balance at 0.01g, an accuracy of 0.1g is more than enough.

I also selected two, from two different price ranges. The first is a simple kitchen scale that has a built-in timer, with an accuracy of 0.1g it does the job entirely.

The second, already presented above is still the Hario VST 2000 scale. The latter was originally created for V60 extractions, I could not not present it :).

Here they are both available on the Amazon store.

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