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ANKOMN measuring spoon test

In the world of coffee, precision is essential to obtain a good drink. It is in this sense, that I regularly indicate on my blog that you have to weigh your coffee. This precision, important for an espresso coffee, is less important for other extractions (type V60 for example). In this sense, the company ANKOMN sent me a measuring spoon to test. It is the same company that manufactures the vacuum boxes that I had already presented on my site. What is the precision of a measuring spoon worth? This is what we will discover immediately.

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Problem with the Lelit 57mm filter basket

I have been using a LELIT espresso machine for over a year to make my beloved coffee. This machine is interesting for several reasons which have already been mentioned in an article published on this site. I wouldn’t go back. Today I will focus exclusively on the LELIT filter supplied with the machine and the problem it poses due to its design.

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How to use Nespresso reusable capsules ?

As François Etienne explains in his book “Le guide pratique du café”, Nespresso has done good to the world of coffee. This great brand has managed to make (with their varied range of capsule) realize to the general public that coffee does not have a single taste. They paved the way for the concept of “coffee for oneself” and people began to take an interest in the different possibilities that a cup of coffee can offer.

Some of the consumers (including me) who can be categorized as “disappointed with Nespresso” have begun to return to conventional extraction systems with the sole purpose of creating a good coffee. But there was in my case an intermediate step that was to use reusable Nespresso capsules. I relighted my old Nespresso machine to explain step by step how to use it with reusable capsules.

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The best of knock box for your espresso machine

In the same vein as my article on scales to weigh his coffee, I made you a selection. Today, I’m going to talk about the “knock box”. These are boxes that allow you to easily eject a cake of coffee grounds and recover it to value it. There are different types of knock box for all budgets. At the end of the article, I will even show you some craft knock box. Thus, if you are handyman you can make one yourself.