How to promote the coffee grounds ecologically?

As a good coffee consumer, you can become a real coffee grounds factory. Rather than throwing the coffee grounds directly into the trash or sink, it is possible to recycle. After conducting my little survey, I have selected for you ecological tips to recycle the coffee grounds.

As you can imagine, the ecological valuation of coffee is much more difficult if you have pods machines (unless you use reusable pods).

Use coffee grounds at home

Maintain the pipes with coffee grounds

A relatively simple trick: when you clean your coffee filter, you can send it to the pipes. The coffee grounds are circulating in the pipes, pulling fat which in the long run could clog the piping by accumulating. The latter also has deodorizing properties that can remove bad odors from your pipes.

Remove odors from the fridge with coffee grounds

To remove bad smells from a fridge, simply place a small cup filled with coffee grounds. Because of its deodorizing properties, it will retain odors. Be careful though, this technique is a backup technique, it is still necessary to clean his fridge from time to time.

Degrease a pan with coffee grounds

The trick is to mix a little dishwashing with coffee grounds and put the boiling water in the bottom of the pan before letting it work for a few minutes. Then, remove the bulk of the mixture and rub with a sponge. To preserve Teflon from the pan, it is recommended to rub gently with the sponge.

There is an alternative recipe found here. The latter recommends instead to use dry coffee grounds which allows better absorption of fat.

Use coffee grounds in your garden

Use coffee grounds as an organic fertilizer / pest protector

The use of coffee grounds in organic fertilizer is very simple: just place it around the feet of the plants. Wet, it will even protect the latter against some harmful (such as limasses, snails …). Some people talk about its effectiveness against aphids when it is sprayed with water on aphids.

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Activate compost with coffee grounds

Still in the idea of turning coffee grounds into organic fertilizer, another method is to mix it with compost. When this mixture is made, it allows a greater biological activity and thus to obtain compost more quickly. Do not add too much coffee to the compost, because its acidity can cause the opposite effect by slowing the biological activity within the compost.

Other way to use it in your garden

  • It can serve as a growing medium for new plantings. However, it must be dry to avoid rot. It is incidentally a very good system to grow mushrooms such as oyster mushrooms.
  • Its acidity helps to bloom hydrangea flowers.
  • It helps to have a good ground by attracting the earthworms in our gardens.

Use coffee grounds for body care

There are many tips and recipes for using coffee grounds for body care. Having not tested them, I invite you to refer to the article below which lists many recipes. You can also comment share with us your experiences for recycling for body care.

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  1. Putting large volumes of coffee grounds down the sink is a good way to create clogs that may require a plumber to unclog.

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