List of premium hand coffee grinders

Several reasons push me to prefer manual mills to electric mills. They are less noisy, have precision mechanical side that I like, waste less coffee (with less retention). At the time I sought to acquire a coffee grinder, I started listing all the premiums manual coffee grinders on the market. This is the purpose of this article.


This company comes to us from Taiwan and offers high-end coffee grinders for a good price. On paper, these are very coffee grinders.

Grinding wheel Italmill
Fully removable
Magnetic handle that integrates the lid (like the C40 does)

In short, it’s a brand that I discovered by chance and that makes really interesting products that I unfortunately haven’t tried. You can find their products for sale on Aliexpress or Amazon. And personally I would recommend that you buy it on Aliexpress instead because it is generally much cheaper.

market (there are too many) but you can find them for sale on their official website.

1Zpresso Q2 (for v60)

The 1Zpresso Q2 is a grinder that has small grinding wheels (38mm) intended for slow extractions (type V60). Its adjustment system is made at the level of the wheel and has a reservoir of 15 to 20g.

1Zpresso JX (for v60)

More precise than the Q2, the 1Zpresso JX is a mill that has 48mm burrs. It is also intended for slow extractions (type V60). Its adjustment system is made at the level of the wheel and has a reservoir of 30 to 35g.

1Zpresso JE (for espresso)

The 1Zpresso JE is equipped with 47mm Itamill grinding wheels identical to the grinding wheels used by Kinu or BPlus (grinding wheels which have largely proven their worth). The adjustment is made inside the mill, at the level of the grinding wheels giving a precision of 25 µm per click.

1Zpresso JE-Plus (for espresso)

The 1Zpresso JE-Plus is equipped with 47mm Itamill grinding wheels identical to those used by the JE. The adjustment is more precise than the 1Zpresso JE, it is done on the top of the grinder and moves the grinding wheels by 12.5 µm per click. In addition, the tank is magnetic. It’s a mill that I was able to test, it is really attractive.

1Zpresso J-Max (for espresso)

It is the latest from 1Zpresso, it is also more precise with a wheel movement of 8.8 µm per click. The grinding wheel, in titanium, is 48mm. It also has a magnetic reservoir.

It is, in my opinion, for around 220€, one of the best coffee grinders on the market available at the start of 2022.

1Zpresso JX-pro (for espresso and V60)

This pro version is an advanced version of the JX grinder, sharing the same 48mm burr except for the adjustment mechanism. The setting is finer (12.5 microns per click).

1Zpresso K-pro (for v60)

With a 48mm steel wheel, the adjustment is made on the top of the mill and allows a precision of 22 µm per click. The container is not magnetic.

1Zpresso K-plus (for V60)

With a 48mm steel wheel, the adjustment is made on the top of the mill and allows a precision of 22 µm per click. The container is magnetic with the “blind shaker” system.

1Zpresso K-max (for V60)

With a 48mm steel wheel, the adjustment is made on the top of the mill and allows a precision of 22 µm per click. The container is magnetic.


BPlus is a Taiwanese company that is very close to La Pavoni, an Italian manufacturer of coffee machines.


Apollo is a premium manual coffee grinder manufactured by BPlus (with the appreciation and permission of La Pavoni). It has been entirely designed to recall the Italian origins of the brand. It has a 48mm conical burr of the brand Italmill, has a body made entirely of metal (Aluminum) and weighs 1030g. This mill is available in three colors: black, gold, gray. The adjustment wheel is positioned at the top of the mill and the mill remains open during use (it does not have a lid). The container is screwed.

Il It is marketed on the site of BPlus for a price of 222 € (price may vary due to the exchange rate). The Apollo coffee grinder is the mill I have in my possession. I tested it completely in this article.

Website of the manufacturer.

El comandante

El comandante is a German manufacturer of coffee grinders. They offer a wide range of products.

El comandante C40

The C40 is a coffee grinder that is available in a wide range of colors. This is really one of the strong points of this model. The manufacturer does not communicate the diameter of the burr. The adjustment wheel is located at the grinding wheel, it comes with two containers (both glasses, one transparent, the other tinted). The grinder C40 has a plastic cover secured to the crank. It is sold at a price of 219 €.

Website of the manufacturer.


The Australian Helor company which produces different ranges of coffee grinders.

Helor 101

The model 101 is a coffee grinder whose body is entirely made of aluminum. It is offered for sale with two different wheels (each adapted for a specific use).

The burr (47mm) is offered for sale individually. Helor has chosen to use ceramic ball bearings for all of its coffee grinders. The adjustment knob is at the grinding wheel. A lid is secured to the crank. The container is held by a rubber when slid into the mill body.

It is sold between 189 $ and 259 $ (the selling price is dependent on the burr you want to buy with the mill).

Helor 106

The helor 106 (or the Flux) is a much more upscale coffee grinder than the 101 model. The manufacturer has incorporated a Mazzer burr of 71 mm diameter! As a wheel of such a diameter requires a lot of force to grind the coffee, they integrated into the mill a gear system that multiplies the force of 3 times. It is sold for 769 $.

The Helor 106 (or its old name: the Flux) disassembled. It is possible to remove the crank to connect a drill instead.


The Stance coffee grinder is a vertical crank mill. The burr is very wide, it is 83 mm and is available in two versions. The Helor Stance features a 2x force multiplier to help grind coffee more easily. The adjustment wheel is located on the body of the mill (the ring has holes in the image below).

The mill is heavy enough to prevent it from lifting when grinding with one hand. One of the innovations of this mill is that it is possible to attach an electric motor. The electric motor, optional, is marketed for a price of 300 $. As for the mill, its price depends on the millstone you want. It is priced at 935 $ with an Italmill burr or 1085 $ with a Mazzer burr.

Stance coffee grinder, the latest version of which replaces the crank with an electric motor

Site web du fabricant.

Kanso Coffee

Kanso Coffee is a Canadian company based in Vancouver. They created their mill through crowdfunding on Kickstarter.


Appearing on Kickstarter during 2017, the Hiku coffee grinder has an infinite adjustment ring placed on the body of the mill. The mill has a grinding wheel of 55 mm. The crank is secured to the lid and the container is screwed. Two versions exist: one at 249 $ with a steel burr, the other at 279 $ with a titanium burr.


Website of the manufacturer.


Kinu is a German company that offers different ranges of coffee grinders. They build themselves the wheels of the different models proposed.

Kinu M47

The Kinu M47 is a coffee grinder that has a 47 mm burr. The body of the mill is made of stainless steel except the black parts which are plastic. Like the BPlus Apollo, it has an adjustment knob on the top of the grinder. The container is held by magnets.

It was a mill that I owned at one time and ended up selling to replace it for another model. One of the “innovations” put forward by the manufacturer is the thumb wedge. The latter makes it easier to block the mill when grinding coffee with it. During the time I owned the Kinu M47, I was able to test it write the following article. It is sold at a price of 329 €.

Kinu M47 Phoenix

The kinu M47 Phoenix is the most accessible coffee grinder at Kinu. Recently I was able to test it and write my impressions. It has the same grinding wheel as the Kinu M47 Classic and even has certain advantages over the latter.

Kinu M68

The M68 is a vertical crank coffee grinder. It has a force multiplier. The burr of Kinu M68 is 68 mm. The container is magnetized, the adjustment knob is at the top and not at the burr. It is heavy enough to grind coffee with one hand, without the mill being lifted. The price is 997 €.

The biggest mill from Kinu: the M68


Timemore Chestnuts X

The Chestnut X is the most premium grinder from the Timemore brand. It is a mill that I have in my possession, the test of which you can read in this article.

This mill is of good quality, very precise thanks to its system of double adjustment wheels and is innovative with its retractable lever.

For me, before the COVID period (which unfortunately increased its price), it was one of the best grinders on the market for espresso.

Timemore chestnuts G1

Less expensive than the Chestnuts X, the G1 remains a very good mill. It has a set of titanium burrs, bottom adjustment and wood-plated aluminum container.

This mill is sold at a price of less than 200€.

Timemore Slim

The Slim is a mill that bears its name well because it is relatively thin, its body is 45mm in diameter. As you will have understood, it is equipped with small titanium wheels making it more suitable for the V60 system.

The body of the mill has a “grip” which prevents it from slipping during use. Finally, it is adjusted from below.

Timemore C/C2

The C, which is now replaced by the C2, is an intermediate mill between the Slim and the Nano. In fact, it’s a less premium version of the Slim.

Timemore nano

It is with this mill that Timemore innovated by presenting its retractable crank system. This innovation was so appreciated that it was integrated into the brand’s top of the range, the X model.

The Nano is the smallest grinder of the brand, designed for travel, it is more suitable for slow extractions.

Site web du fabricant.



Knob is a brand that I discovered by chance while going to Kickstarter to see if there were any coffee grinder builders that I had missed for my article.

One of the main innovations of this mill is that it has no central axis (see photo). In addition, the crank is detachable and the adjustment of the mill is done at the top (by a large ring that goes around the mill). The wheel of this mill is 47mm.

On paper, this mill is interesting. However, at the time of writing this article, it is not yet sold because the kickstarter project has just ended.

The advantage of not having a central axis (and therefore no attachment points for this axis) is that the coffee can easily fall into the burr. It is this detail that makes there a significant difference in grinding time between the Apollo and the Kinu m47 (which both have the same grinding wheel). So, beyond the fact that you can clean the grinder without disassembling it, I think it will be faster to grind with the Knob than other grinders with a 47mm grinding wheel.

Site web du constructeur.

Knock Feldgrind

Knock est un fabricant anglais de moulins à café et autres accessoires Knock is an English manufacturer of coffee grinders and other accessories for the coffee world. Like an artisan, he makes his coffee grinder in England.


The Feld 2 Honed is a mill that has a 38 mm burr. Due to the diameter of the burr, the force required to grind the coffee will be less important. The repercussion of this facility is that it will take more time to grind coffee. The adjustment knob acts as a cover and is attached to the crank. The grinder is equipped with a rubber strap that improves grip. The mill is sold 110 £.

FELD 2 coffee grinder: HONED from the manufacturer Knock Feldgrind


The Aergrind is the last born of Knock. He originally came from a Kickstarter campaign. This coffee grinder is a travel version of Feld2. The general characteristics remain the same. The only changes are:

  • The smaller size
  • The crank is not secured to the lid.
  • The Aergrind is available in different colors
  • It is cheaper: sold between 80 and 90 £ depending on the color.

Moulin à café Knock Feldgrind Aergrind

Website of the manufacturer.

Lyn Weber Workshops

LWW is a German company that manufactures manual and electric coffee grinders.


Le HG-1 est un moulin à café qui dispose d’une meule conique de 8The HG-1 is a coffee grinder that features an 83mm conical burr. It is an extremely wide wheel that will grind a large amount of coffee turns. To grind coffee easily, it has a force multiplier. It is a mill heavy enough to prevent it from moving during its use. It is sold 994 €.


Website of the manufacturer.

Malwani – Espressotools

This company is German and offers premium products for the world of coffee.

Malwani LIVI

The LIVI coffee grinder is a vertical crank that is offered with different wood finishes. It has a large conical burr (the manufacturer does not communicate its size) and a force reduction gear. The grinder is heavy enough not to move during its operation. Depending on the finish chosen, it sold between 1199 € and 1299 €.

I personally find the Malwani Livi coffee grinders to be particularly beautiful. They are, for me, representative of the work of a craftsman who loves his work.

Website of the manufacturer.

Orphane Espresso (OE)

Orphane Espresso is a leading manufacturer of hand-held coffee grinders. It is an American company that manufactures its coffee grinder in Taiwan.

OE Pharos

The Pharos is a coffee grinder that has a 68mm conical burr. The adjustment knob is placed on the top of the grinder (at the crank). The ball bearings are in bronze the manufacturer indicates that one grinds 1 g of coffee per revolution of crank. Of course this depends on the fineness of the grind. The old version of the Pharos, the 1.0 is sold for 250 $. The new version: the Pharos 2.0 is sold for 300 $.


OE Apex

The Apex is a coffee grinder designed to grind thick grinds. The manufacturer indicates that it is not a coffee grinder intended for espresso or Turkish coffees. Unlike other mills that I presented in my article, the Apex has flat grinding wheels (see image below). The burr is 75 mm in diameter, which makes it possible to grind coffee quickly. The crank is vertical with a force reducer (x4).

The adjustment knob is located on the top (a slider that moves according to the thickness of the grinding that you want). With the purchase one can choose one mill for right-handed left-handed. Its selling price is 495 $, the glass is optional for 12 $. The manufacturer has available a very complete PDF, rich in images that show how this mill work. It’s really interesting if you like mechanics.

Meules plates du OE Apex

Lido 2

The Lido 2 is a grinder that has a 48mm conical burr. The grinder is made of BPA free plastic. It is sold with accessories to clean and disassemble it. The adjusting wheel is located at the level of the grinding wheel (these are outer rings). The container is screwed. It does not have a lid, the crank is a kind of funnel to help the coffee slide. It is priced at $195.

Lido 2

Lido 3

Lido 3 is the 3rd generation of the Orphane Espresso mills. Sold for 195 $, the innovation compared to the Lido 2 is that it has a retractable crank (for easier storage). On sale, a storage bag is provided. The rest of the features are identical to Lido 2

Lido 3

Lido E

The Lido E is a mill that takes the construction base of Lido 2. The difference is in the burr (which is always 48mm). The latter is optimized for espresso and Turkish coffees. The price remains the same: 195 $.

Lido E

Lido E.T

The Lido E.T is the travel version of the Lido E. Just like the model 3, the crank is retractable and comes with a carrying case. The mill is sold for 195 $.

Lido E.T

Website of the manufacturer.


This constructor is English.


The ROK GRINDERGC coffee grinder is a vertical crank coffee grinder. It does not have a multiplying force, its conical burr and is 48mm in diameter. It is very easy to find this coffee grinder on the internet. After reading the tests, it seems that it is not the best mill for espresso machine. The adjustment knob is at the level of the wheel, the body of the mill is aluminum. It is sold for £ 159.

ROK Grindergc coffee grinder

Website of the manufacturer.

I hope this article has helped you in your choice. Feel free to ask questions in comment.

No longer commercialized high-end coffee grinder



Kinu M47 traveler

The Kinu M47 traveler is a smaller version of the Kinu M47. It has a burr of 47mm. The container is always held by magnets and is smaller. The adjustment wheel is located at the crank (as with the Kinu M47). The thumb wedge is very elongated. I had problems with the disassembly of the Kinu M47 (which I detailed during my test). I do not know if this problem is still present on the Kinu M47 Traveler. The Kinu M47 Traveler coffee grinder is sold for the price of 219 €.

Kinu M47 Traveler


  1. There is an error:
    The Lido E and Lide 2 have the same burr. However, they use different threads, the Lido E thread is half the step width of the Lido 2. The Lido E can be dialed in easier to a reproducible setting.

    1. Not really ,when lido E comes out ,the burr on lido 2 was not the same, infact it was made in Italy were lido E burr made in Switzerland from different company called etzinger, and I got both of them and the quality of the burr output is not the same even in the same sitting. Later on they probably have changed lido 2 burrs to match lido 3.

      1. For me (and it’s my personal opinon), its the Apollo coffee grinder and the JE Plus from 1Zpresso.
        the other one are very good for expresso (like the C40 or Kinu) but they are not my first choice

  2. The Helor Flux is a strange concept. I don’t know the actual output of coffee for single rotation of the burrs (compared to the other burrs at an equivalent setting), but doing some guesstimation it seems like it should take longer to grind the same amount of coffee then every other grinder on this list (assuming you are rotating the handle the same speed).

  3. These are great, in the pictures, all of these grinders looks amazing and are practically begging for them to be picked up and used. And I imagine would look great in the kitchen, too! Beautiful pieces of coffee art 🙂

  4. A minor point to most but the statement that Knock is an English manufacturer of the Knock Feldgrind is not to my knowledge correct. Knock is based in Edinburgh which is the capital of Scotland and not part England. However Scotland and England are part of the United Kingdom and so stating that is a UK or Scottish manufacturer would be correct. stating that it is an English manufacturer is not.

  5. I have been using the Aergrind for a year now and absolutely love it! I have found it to be superb in build quality, grind consistency, and ease of use. Would highly recommend!

  6. I know the pharos has bearings at two ends, so that the burr do not move, from side to side, while grinding.
    If it moves, floats, you produce turkish coffe dust on one side, on the opposite you create coffe flarns at the same time.

    Do all these have that? Or are some like the old style wooden grinders, with just one « bearing » and a floating male part of the burr, which behaves like I described above?

  7. Excellent coming together of a good selection of manual grinders. First time I have seen this. Well done. I swear by the UK Knock Feld 47 for home and camping.

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