How to promote the coffee grounds ecologically?

As a good coffee consumer, you can become a real coffee grounds factory. Rather than throwing the coffee grounds directly into the trash or sink, it is possible to recycle. After conducting my little survey, I have selected for you ecological tips to recycle the coffee grounds.

The Kopi Luwak: its history, its rarity and its lack of ethics

Produced in Indonesia, the Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive and rarest cafes in the world. The origin of its rarity comes from the fact that in this part of the world, the fruits of coffee are eaten by a small mammal: the Asian civet. The Civet digests only the pulp of the… Continue reading The Kopi Luwak: its history, its rarity and its lack of ethics

Coffee-producing countries: Africa

Coffee sorting process, near Hawassa.

In Africa and elsewhere, when coffee did not grow naturally in the colonies, their crops were strongly encouraged. In this way, a very large part of the coffee produced in West Africa (which consisted of the French Empire) is Robusta. Because of its ancient conquests, in France we still drink a lot of robustas coffee… Continue reading Coffee-producing countries: Africa

Review of Nespresso Reusable Pods

Before buying me a real espresso machine, I had a Nespresso machine. And quickly I became aware of the ecological problem of the pods, but also of their significant costs. I ended up interested in rechargeable pods for these two reasons: no longer use aluminum/plastic unnecessarily and reduce my coffee budget. Today I have the necessary… Continue reading Review of Nespresso Reusable Pods

The ecological aberration of capsules (pods) machines

Even before they were marketed, the coffee pods system was already an aberration. Capsules make coffee less good than Italian espresso machines, make coffee more expensive, give less freedom in the choice of coffee and above all, this process is far from ecological. I propose today to look at what their impacts are, the promises of… Continue reading The ecological aberration of capsules (pods) machines

Ecology Coffee: Opening a series of articles

I decided to open a series of articles that will talk about some environmental problems that are associated with the misuse of coffee. You will discover that trivial practices of everyday life can have a much more serious impact than we think. The subjects will not necessarily talk about coffee as such. For example, we… Continue reading Ecology Coffee: Opening a series of articles

The problem of disposable cups

One does not necessarily realize this, but the use of disposable cups has a real ecological impact. There are so many people who use it (and especially not recycle them) that the problem is real.