Ecology Coffee: Opening a series of articles

I decided to open a series of articles that will talk about some environmental problems that are associated with the misuse of coffee. You will discover that trivial practices of everyday life can have a much more serious impact than we think. The subjects will not necessarily talk about coffee as such. For example, we will find topics on cardboard cups that take up to 150 years to decompose, capsules…

The series of articles I am opening will help to become aware of certain practices that can be harmful.

Not being an expert in the field, I am open to any suggestion if for example you feel that I should talk about a particular topic or if you feel that additional information may be relevant. Feel free to tell me in a comment or by private message.

I have scheduled to regularly update this page. In this way it will be a real summary for this topic.


How is coffee decaffeinated?

The decaffeination of coffee is process that requires the use of toxic solvents, CO2 or water mixed with aromas. I do not know the details of the protocols of the decaffeination processes, but nevertheless, just with the name of the solvents used, it can easily be guessed that there is a negative impact on health. The subject is dealt with in more detail in the following article.

The Kopi Luwak: its history, its rarity and its lack of ethics

The coffee Kopi Luwak produced in Indonesia is a rare and extremely expensive coffee. It is made using a small animal, the Asian civet, directly used by “farms” that exploit them. I explain the history of the appearance of this coffee and its ethical problems here. This coffee will probably contribute to the disappearance of this animal, unfortunately also hunted for its meat.

The problem of disposable cups

Disposable cardboard cups have a real negative impact on ecology. The latter are even more polluting than plastic cups. I invite you to discover my article and its sources by following this link.

The ecological aberration of capsule machines

Apart from the practical side, the coffee capsule is full of drawbacks. And even, I think the capsules are an aberration. They make coffee less good than Italian machines, coffee is more expensive and especially this process is not ecological. You can come and consult and give your opinion in my short survey available here. [Kkstarratings]

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