Ecology Coffee: Opening a series of articles

I decided to open a series of articles that will talk about some environmental problems that are associated with the misuse of coffee. You will discover that trivial practices of everyday life can have a much more serious impact than we think. The subjects will not necessarily talk about coffee as such. For example, we… Continue reading Ecology Coffee: Opening a series of articles

The problem of disposable cups

One does not necessarily realize this, but the use of disposable cups has a real ecological impact. There are so many people who use it (and especially not recycle them) that the problem is real.

How to keep your coffee well?

The preservation of coffee is essential not to affect the aromas of coffee. Leaving it in the open air is synonymous with oxidation and when you like coffee, you quickly understand that mastering its preservation is important. Faced with this problem, I did some research to understand how to keep his coffee well. I will… Continue reading How to keep your coffee well?

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