Update of the “La Pavoni” kit of BPlus

A few months ago I told you in this article about the different accessories that exist for La Pavoni coffee machines. Quickly, I explained the advantage there is by taking accessories (tamper and “coffee distributor”) with a diameter of 51.5 mm instead of 51mm (more easily found on the market). I recently learned that BPlus, (a partner company of “La Pavoni“) has some of its products update. That’s what I’m going to talk to you about today.

One of the novelties of BPlus was the opening of a partnership with ANKOMN. ANKOMN is a company specializing in the manufacture of food storage boxes. Since this partnership, new packs are available for sale. We find for example:

The box allows you to properly store coffee (or other condiments) by closing tightly. It also allows to completely hunt its air as we turn the wheel on the cap. Thus, by chasing the air, the coffee is prevented from oxidizing.

Here is the website of the manufacturer of the box.

Another novelty, probably more anecdotal, BPlus has replaced its 51.5mm diameter tamper with 51.6mm. The principle is to have the contours of the tamper closest to the wall of the filter. This is to prevent coffee from passing and sticking to the edges of the filter when you cup.

BPlus has also created two special tamper series for IMS filter users. These are buffers that will stick as much as possible on the edges of the IMS filter. The first series is 51.8mm in diameter and the second is 52mm in diameter. The interest is to avoid as much as possible that the coffee remains stuck on the rebors of the filter when the coffee is pressed. This is a problem I already mentioned in this comparison.


  1. Hi Thomas,
    Because of your excellent articles about hand grinders I am close to purchasing an BPlus Apollo grinder. I’ve been emailing Neo at Apollo and I asked him if he had planned on making any wood handles for the BPlus Apollo. He wrote me back saying that making a wood handle is something you might know about? Do you know how I can get a wood handle for the BPlus Apollo? I would greatly appreciate your help.
    Thank you,
    David Hunter

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