Roaster coffee VS supermarket coffee

Making good coffees is expensive. You may have had to ask yourself, too, “Why buy coffee beans from a coffee roaster while there are some in supermarkets?” This is a question I will try to answer in my article.

Update of the “La Pavoni” kit of BPlus

A few months ago I told you in this article about the different accessories that exist for La Pavoni coffee machines. Quickly, I explained the advantage there is by taking accessories (tamper and “coffee distributor”) with a diameter of 51.5 mm instead of 51mm (more easily found on the market). I recently learned that BPlus,… Continue reading Update of the “La Pavoni” kit of BPlus

La Pavoni lever machine – regular maintenance

La Pavoni coffee machines are extremely durable. They have a very good design, but like any machine, you have to maintain it. I had already talked a little about it in this article, when I started with my La Pavoni. Today I will complete my information of the time focusing on the maintenance of the… Continue reading La Pavoni lever machine – regular maintenance

Coffee recipe: iced coffee with sweetened milk

At this time of heat wave, nothing better than to enjoy a good iced coffee to invigorate after a hot day. The recipe that I propose today is both very easy and very fast to achieve. You only need 4 ingredients: coffee, cold milk, brown sugar and ice. Without waiting, here is my recipe.

The best scales for coffee

Weighing our coffee, whatever the extraction, is important to have a good reproducibility. Some use measuring spoons but when you move into the world of coffee, you end up investing in a small scale. Personally I recommend a scale that has a forecast of 0.01g. There is something for every budget. Here is my selection:

How to promote the coffee grounds ecologically?

As a good coffee consumer, you can become a real coffee grounds factory. Rather than throwing the coffee grounds directly into the trash or sink, it is possible to recycle. After conducting my little survey, I have selected for you ecological tips to recycle the coffee grounds.

List of premium hand coffee grinders

Several reasons push me to prefer manual mills to electric mills. They are less noisy, have precision mechanical side that I like, waste less coffee (with less retention). At the time I sought to acquire a coffee grinder, I started listing all the premiums manual coffee grinders on the market. This is the purpose of… Continue reading List of premium hand coffee grinders