Test of the empty boxes Ankomn

For some time, I was tired of finding my cakes grinds, because I had not eaten them fast enough. So I started research and then the acquisition of boxes that can be emptied of their air. The idea is simple: by expelling a maximum of oxygen and moisture from the boxes, the food does not oxidize / soften.

I specifically directed my research to a box that can remove the air manually. I do not want to have a box with an electrical system, because it is necessary to change the batteries, it is more expensive and less ecological. I ended up retaining the boxes made by the company Ankomn because they met all of my criteria:

  • Pretty box
  • Manual air evacuation system
  • Accessible price

Presentation of the boxes

I bought two small boxes of 0.6L with the system “Everlock” and two large boxes of 1.2L with the system “Turn-N-Seal“. Of course, it’s not just the two sizes that exist. They offer many other models.

Each time I took a totally transparent box and a box with the smoked plastic (to protect food from light).

We can stack them perfectly.

Efficiency of the vacuome system

The amount of air hunted

There are two excellent ways to verify that the system of these boxes is good for air.

The first test: you must put a deflated balloon and closed in the box. Then chasing the air, the balloon will “swell” because the small amount of air in the living room will seek to fill the gap.

Second test: I realized it and it consists in weighing the box before and after having chased the air. As we know that 1 L of air weighs about 1g, and well my box of 1.2L must contain about 1.2L of oxygen. I did this test and I was able to determine that it is possible to hunt about 60% of the oxygen before starting to feel a resistance by turning the knob. This is not a maximum, it’s just that I stopped turning the wheel because I began to meet resistance (I could without problem continue to turn the wheel). I stopped because after a while, the less oxygen in the box, the less air is removed by turn wheel but I could continue to remove.

The mechanism is therefore effective is to chase a beautiful amount of air boxes in a few seconds.

What about efficiency on food preservation?

Overall, we increase the shelf life of food by 2 or 3 times by removing air. It’s a bit like putting them under vacuum. While chasing the air, one also hunts a part of the humidity. Foods are therefore better protected against the appearance of mold. The cakes will stay dry longer and the fruits will not oxidize.

As for coffee, it also has a better conservation even if the top of the top would be to replace the air with CO2.

How to clean the Ankomn boxes?

We do not necessarily think about buying this type of equipment, but cleaning is an important point for the longevity of the device.

I enjoyed finding a video on the website of the manufacturer, which shows how to clean the boxes. Deep cleaning is shown to you from 47 seconds in the video.

To dismantle, you need to :

  1. Detach the bottom of the lid.
  2. Remove the silicone gasket.
  3. Use the lid base to unscrew the mechanism (the lid is placed upside down on the mechanism to use as a key).
  4. Clean all items with water and let them dry.

To remonstrate, you have to:

  1. Replace the mechanism and screw it in with the bottom of the lid.
  2. Place the silicone.
  3. Put the bottom of the lid and clipper.
  4. And it’s over. 🙂

So here is a very good point for Ankomn because as you can see it is even possible to clean the inside of the lid. The boxes will be able to accompany you a long time without becoming a health risk.


When we have the Ankomn boxes in hand, we feel that they breathe the quality. I liked their design, I find them pretty and functional. I use them as much to keep my coffee as cakes. When it came to preserving cookies, I really noticed a difference. For coffee, I already had a good box to keep it so the difference is less obvious.

In short, it is material of good quality, which will allow you to better preserve all of your food. If you are looking for a box of this type, I can encourage you that brand.

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