List of premium hand coffee grinder

Several reasons push me to prefer hand coffee grinder to electric coffee grinder. They are less noisy, have a precision mechanical side that I like, waste less coffee with less retention. Finally, I am a bit like people who prefer watches made by a watchmaker in a traditional way than those made in the chain.

At the time I tried to acquire one, I made a lot of comparison that I summarize in this article. You will see that there is among the manual coffee grinders, a very high class category that compete directly with the electric grinder because of the large diameter of their conical wheels.

This is an area where there is little competition because the number of manufacturers is counted on the fingers of one hand. Moreover, very often users of this kind of products remain relatively discreet. For some models, especially the higher ranges, it is difficult to have returns …


Helor 101

During my research, I hesitated a lot between Kinu M47 and Helor 101. The characteristics of the two grinders are excellent. Finally my choice was rather Kinu M47.

It has really interesting parameters because you can buy the burr with two sets of wheels, each adapted to a different use. That is to say that you will have a wheel more suitable for grinding very fine and the other for grinding larger.

Also, it is possible to buy the grinding wheels separately so that this wear part will be easily replaceable.

The grinder body is made of aluminum, the ceramic ball bearings and grinding wheels, with a diameter of 47mm, are made of very strong steel. It’s adjustable from the bottom and each “click” will spread the wheels of 0.0417mm which leaves a great freedom in settings.

The possibility of burrs
Open view of Helor 101

Helor Stance

With a conical burr wheel of 83 mm.

There are two categories in the Helor Stance: one with a millstone from “Italmill Grinding Technology” at $ 935 and the other “professional” with a wheel from “Mazzer” at $ 1083. As a reminder Mazzer is a brand of Italian premium coffee grinders. The difference in price between the choice of grinding wheels is justified by the fact that if you want to buy a Mazzer wheel of this diameter alone, it will cost between $ 250 and $ 300.

The coffee grinder has the particularity of being able to attach an electric motor in place of the crank. It is something that is developing at home. Because the grinder has several ball bearings, we can assume that the use of an engine will not be very noisy.

As the grinding wheel is a 83 mm conical grinding wheel, it is necessary to have the strength to grind the coffee. The company has integrated a gear system that increases the force required to grind by a ratio of 2: 1. Precision is very important. And the wheels are interchangeable.

In short, there is a pledge of quality behind that makes you dream.

Helor Stance
  • Price: $ 935 or $ 1083
  • 83 mm conical burr
  • Has a power multiplier
  • Possibility of adding an electric motor (not yet marketed)
  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • Steel funnel system (which sticks to structure with magnets) to knock coffee directly into the filter
  • Withholding of coffee

Helor website



Apollo is a premium hand coffee grinder manufactured by BPlus (with the appreciation and permission of La Pavoni). It has been entirely designed to recall the Italian origins of the brand. It has a Italmill conical burrs 48mm with Nanotech Coating, it has a fully metal body (Aluminum CNC), weighs 1030g and is able to grind up to 25 g of coffee. This coffee grinder is available in three colors: Silver/Champagne gold/matte black.

It is marketed on the site of BPlus for a price of 222 €. I have also tested and compared the Kinu M47 in this article


Kinu M47

I personally own the Kinu M47. I have also done a complete review in this article. The number 47 designates the diameter of the burr.

Small peculiarity, when you remove the container quickly enough, a vacuum is created that fell all the coffee held by static electricity on the wheel. Personally, I do not use this trick, I prefer to add one or two drops of water in the coffee beans to avoid retention by static electricity. The kind coffee grinder costs 299 $ or 299 €. Residing in Canada, I could buy it without tax (329 €).

The eager tested, if this mill interests you, I invite you to check my opinion on the Kinu M47.

Kinu M47
Détails de la molette de réglage du Kinu M47

Kinu M68

Kinu has not released the M68 yet as it is still in development. There are no photos available at the moment of this product. The only pictures available are the old version of the M68. You can also find on Youtube a video that presents a prototype. However, some information is known: The M68 has a gear to multiply the force needed to grind, it will be heavy enough to avoid having to hold the grinder with his hand when we grind coffee. There will also be a comparable system on the Kinu M47: the creation of a vacuum avoiding retention.

I do not know if there will be the possibility of installing an electric motor in place of the crank.

For the moment it is possible only to acquire the M47 that I presented in another article.

In view of the quality of the Kinu M47, I think the Kinu M68 will be very good too.

Kinu website.

El comandante coffee grinder

Quelques un des moulins à café “Commandante” proposés à la vente

The “El Commandante” coffee grinder also has many returns on the net. The body of the mill is covered with real wood and, overall consumers are very satisfied. This coffee grinder is sold with two small glass containers: one smoked and the other transparent. Her lid is plastic and is attached to the handle. “El Commandante” has a wheel a little wider than her competitor. I have not found the figure but it seems to me that it is 53 or 55 mm. Because of the larger width of the grinding wheel, although I have not looked for comparisons, we can assume that we grind the coffee faster.

One thing is certain, the diameter of this mill is 58 mm which means that if you have a filter with a diameter of less than 58 mm, it may be annoying.

El commandante website.


Le Lido 3

The mill Lido 3 is the 3rd generation mills of the Lido brand. It is a little cheaper: it revolves around $ 200. He also has good features but he displeased me because he has a plastic body and in addition I do not find it very pretty.

Lido 3

It has been designed to be more easily transportable (there is a small cover provided for purchase), the lever is foldable and is lighter because it is plastic. The wheel is 48mm.

Lido website.

Knock Feldgrind

This English brand offers two models of coffee grinders: a large and a small which have a curiously similar design to the Japanese mills Porlex brand (the mini and Tall). I present them together because apart from the size, they are very similar.

Knock Feldgrind website.



The ROK mill is a vertical crank coffee grinder much more affordable than other products of the same type. You will find a lot of people on the internet who have tested it. Overall, the opinions are divergent and are dependent on the requirement of the consumer. For example, in my case, I know that this mill would not be suitable for my use.

Price: $ 150
48 mm conical grinding wheel
Does not have a force multiplier.
Aluminum Corp
12-step setting

Moulin à café Rok

Site web du fabriquant.

I hope this article has helped you in your choice. Feel free to ask questions in comment.

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List of premium hand coffee grinder
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  1. Nice hand grinders comparison (which is scarce currently)! Would like to correct though that the Comandante has smaller burrset than M47. I own both so I am sure it is smaller. I believe its size is indicated by its model (C40) which is 40mm. It is also way slower to grind than the M47 or even with an Aergrind (which has 38mm italmill burrs) possible because of the burr geometry. Note that I am only commenting about speed. With output quality, I think it’s one of the best out there!

      1. Hello,
        I only tested the Kinu M47 and the Apollo. I have never used the El Commandate. I wrote an article about the comparison between the Kinu M47 and the Apollo. Maybe it will help you choose between Kinu M47 and Commander.
        Article here

        From what I read, the El Commandante is very good. Kinu is very good too. These are prenium coffee grinders, they are all very good and efficient in their work. I recommend you choose the one you like the most physically.

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